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Alphabetical Archive of the Wombat Wisdom

  • Buying Used Books—Good or Bad
  • Change of Year, Change of Seasons
  • Crooks, Thieves, and Basic Low-Lifes
  • Do You Really Need To Write A Million Words of Cr@p Before You Write Anything Worth Publishing?
  • High-concept Books And Book Buyer Remorse
  • Is It Success If Nobody Knows About It?
  • Musing on Time & Writing
  • No Silent Night
  • Notes on the Borders Affair
  • Old Writing And New
  • Pride and Prejudice—A Classic?
  • Wednesday’s Words — One Word at a Time
  • Wednesday’s Words — Voice: Being Yourself in Words
  • Wednesday’s Words: Adimpleate to Veteratiorian
  • Wednesday’s Words: Almost Exactly
  • Wednesday’s Words: Dialogue Envy
  • Wednesday’s Words: Food (In Writing)
  • Wednesday’s Words: He Said, She Said
  • Wednesday’s Words: Infinitely Recyclable
  • Wednesday’s Words: List of Loaths (Part I)
  • Wednesday’s Words: List of Loaths (Part II)
  • Wednesday’s Words: The Proverbial Cliché
  • Wednesday’s Words: The Slang Game
  • Wednesday’s Words: Yipping at My Heels
  • What is POV and How Do I Get One
  • Whose Story Is It?
  • Wombat Blog is Open
  • Writing a Novel is Tough
  • Writing WordPress Posts