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the stuff of life that makes us laugh or cry or rage

Crooks, Thieves, and Basic Low-Lifes

This one isn’t about writing or the good I see every day in so many people. This one’s about people without integrity, about people who can’t be trusted to do what’s right without someone having to stand watch over them.

Change of Year, Change of Seasons

In New England, this is a time of year when one tends to wake up in the dark, experience a shortened day, then drive home in the dark. No small wonder that all of this darkness takes a toll on the psyche. But as of the winter solstice, the days began to get a little longer, even though the visible effects are hard to see so far.

Wednesday’s Words: Almost Exactly

My mother died almost exactly three years ago. To understand the humor rather than the pathos behind that sentence, I’ll have to tell you a bit about my mother. She spoke with perfect diction, in unstilted, unaccented English, and she loved words and word games, especially the kind of game where you take a word […]