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Crooks, Thieves, and Basic Low-Lifes

This one isn’t about writing or the good I see every day in so many people. This one’s about people without integrity, about people who can’t be trusted to do what’s right without someone having to stand watch over them.

Pride and Prejudice—A Classic?

I know there’s a reason for its lasting popularity, but I’m not falling in love with Pride and Prejudice.

Buying Used Books—Good or Bad

I’ve read complaints by writers that they make no money on the sale of used books. As a writer, does that bother you?

No Silent Night

The first Christmas changed the world.

Writing a Novel is Tough

Writing a book is not easy; the writing life isn’t easy. But if we’re writers, that’s what we do. Encouragement for the writer’s life…

Musing on Time & Writing

I like Time, but it often flees from me. Is Time your friend or an antagonist in your life?

Wombat Blog is Open

We talked about setting up a blog for the Writin’ Wombats and now we’ve done it. Are you ready to join in?

Writing WordPress Posts

Never written a blog article or unfamiliar with Wordpress blogs? Here are a few quick tips to get you started.