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March 2011

What is POV and How Do I Get One

Point of view is one of a writer’s most vital tools. It allows the writer to choose narrator, viewpoint character, and the emotional distance of the narration.

Wednesday’s Words: Infinitely Recyclable

Spring is greening the desert. Creosote bushes are growing, weeds are sprouting up, native grasses are taking hold, cactuses are coming alive. I marvel that so much comes from almost nothing. A bit of water, a bit of sandy soil, a bit of sun, and something exists where nothing did before. I cherish that green. […]

Wednesday’s Words: Adimpleate to Veteratiorian

Bob’s pomarious experience, his frutescent hair, and his squiriferous demeanor made him a popular oporopolist. The only problem was that he tended to be a philargyrist, and there wasn’t a lot of money to be made in his chosen profession. Even worse, the sevidical tongue of his boss gave him ulcers. Luckily, his prandicles were […]