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Do You Really Need To Write A Million Words of Cr@p Before You Write Anything Worth Publishing?

Raymond Chandler used to claim that a writer had to get a million words of crap out of their system before they got to the good stuff. That’s probably not always true, but he has a point. Writing is a profession, and a demanding one. Very few people can sit down and pilot a plane […]

Is It Success If Nobody Knows About It?

There is a type of person I run into once in a while.  They’re a rare breed, but I’ve met six or seven of them in my life.  I don’t know how to classify them, but they have some things in common.  They’re all extremely capable people who seem indifferent to the traditional trappings of […]

Old Writing And New

I recently checked a book of pulp reprints out of the library and read a few of the short stories, including a fairly long Saint story by Leslie Charteris, one by Dashiell Hammett, and one by Steve Fisher. I was a big fan of the Saint stories in my late teens and I was a […]

High-concept Books And Book Buyer Remorse

The book publishing industry is losing customers at an unsustainable rate.  I suspect that “high-concept” books that turn out to be poorly written are part of the problem.  I know the combination has caused me to cut back on book buying.  I’m not sure how to deal with that, at the personal or the industry […]