No Silent Night

A night, like any other
Cold and clear and still

Beautiful and silent but for
the swaying of the flocks,
the rustling of the grasses,
the sigh of the soft, gentle wind

A night for planning
for hoping
for dreams in the secret places
for dreams in the heart

A night, darkness thick on the ground
A star-filled sky to light the way
but only for the heavens
No light for the earth


A child, like no other
Brought light to the darkness
Hope for the future
Strength for the now

A child, hope in the darkness
light for the hopeless
light for the secret places
for dreams in the heart


About the author

Beth Hill. I'm a freelance fiction editor and I write medieval adventure and contemporary romance. And, yes, I've got a day job, too. But it allows me the flexibility to edit and write, so it's a good one. I blog at The Editor's Blog, where you can find all kinds of writing/editing tips. My editing Web site is A Novel Edit.

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  1. Kat Sheridan says:

    Lovely, Beth. Truly lovely.