No Silent Night

The first Christmas changed the world.

Wednesday’s Words: List of Loaths (Part I)

We all have a list of annoying words and phrases that we’d just as soon cut from the language. Here are some words I’d like to expunge, starting with a hundred and ten percent. If I hear one more person say he is giving a hundred and ten percent, I think I’ll scream or vomit or […]

Writing a Novel is Tough

Writing a book is not easy; the writing life isn’t easy. But if we’re writers, that’s what we do. Encouragement for the writer’s life…

Old Writing And New

I recently checked a book of pulp reprints out of the library and read a few of the short stories, including a fairly long Saint story by Leslie Charteris, one by Dashiell Hammett, and one by Steve Fisher. I was a big fan of the Saint stories in my late teens and I was a […]

Wednesday’s Words: Almost Exactly

My mother died almost exactly three years ago. To understand the humor rather than the pathos behind that sentence, I’ll have to tell you a bit about my mother. She spoke with perfect diction, in unstilted, unaccented English, and she loved words and word games, especially the kind of game where you take a word […]

Musing on Time & Writing

I like Time, but it often flees from me. Is Time your friend or an antagonist in your life?

High-concept Books And Book Buyer Remorse

The book publishing industry is losing customers at an unsustainable rate.  I suspect that “high-concept” books that turn out to be poorly written are part of the problem.  I know the combination has caused me to cut back on book buying.  I’m not sure how to deal with that, at the personal or the industry […]

Wombat Blog is Open

We talked about setting up a blog for the Writin’ Wombats and now we’ve done it. Are you ready to join in?

Writing WordPress Posts

Never written a blog article or unfamiliar with Wordpress blogs? Here are a few quick tips to get you started.